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Hidden Gems losing steam

Dear Editor:

I was delighted to see the Aspen Daily News cover the death of the Hidden Gems legislation in Congress.

It’s refreshing to see the voice of the people have an effect in Congress. We threw Salazar out in favor of Scott Tipton, who is not blindly following the short-sighted vision of a small, vocal minority from Carbondale. The sheer number of anti-Hidden Gems stickers on cars throughout western Colorado is a clear indicator that no one wants this legislation to pass (except the Prius-driving gang in Carbondale).

Fortunately the change is Congress is unlikely to further this unpopular piece of legislation. It’s good to know that a small minority has little sway in the general elections when it comes to controversial and divisive issues like the ill thought-out land grab that is the Hidden Gems proposal.

Jim Henderson


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