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‘Hey, read this!’

Dear Editor:Hunter is dead, and the world is the worse for it. When I first heard about it, I had just woke up and sat down to my computer to read the morning news. I read the headline and said “NO!” out loud. In disbelief I read the article saying that he had committed suicide.I sat back and reflected on the first time I had read something by Hunter. It was the infamous “Fear and Loathing” articles in Rolling Stone magazine. At the time my own life was in turmoil for various reasons. His articles made me laugh in a way that I hadn’t for a long time.And even though I was a bit anti-social in those times, the articles made me want to walk up to complete strangers and say, “Hey, read this!” There’s nothing quite like sitting in your living room reading and giggling to yourself while your parents look at you over the tops of their glasses, wondering if they should call for some type of intervention.His writing influenced my own, or rather, influenced me to write things down whenever I was upset or thought of something interesting to say. He was our voice, sometimes saying the things we thought but were never brave enough to say. He was especially good at pointing out things that would easily pass by us or giving a point of view that was slightly left of center. But whatever he wrote, it was always outrageous, it was always witty, and it always had the ring of truth to it – even if it was embellished heavily.We were like moths drawn to his flame. And now that the flame is gone we’re left blinded by the phantom light. The image of it forever burned upon our mind’s eye, slowly fading into a memory that years from now will make us smile even when our own lights are fading.Rest in peace, Hunter.Penny JinrightTroy, Ala.

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