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Hey, no cuts

Dear Editor:

As everyone who commutes to Aspen from downvalley knows all too well, we have a monster of a traffic problem.

What makes things worse is that the frustration and irritation of being caught in the congestion is compounded by the way that many of us behave. Very few, if any, of us would consider cutting in line at the grocery store or at the coffee shop or the movie theater. In fact, we’re all just so nice and polite to whomever we’re in line with. But put us in our car and we’ll do about anything to move up a slot or two … “cheating” in the HOV lane, using the wrong lane in the roundabout or trying any other means to gouge out others in line. Of course, having to fight for your “survival” only increases the problem and the frustration.

I try to be amused, wondering if those who cut others off actually believe that the rest of us enjoy waiting in line or if they believe that their time is more important than ours or what.

We’re all in this together, folks. … How about if we try using some common sense and good old fashioned manners?

Tom Yoder