Hey Aspenites: What’s best?

Now is the time for Aspen to make itself heard. (As if Aspenites already don’t make themselves heard often enough and loudly enough.)

The Aspen Times’ occasional “Aspen’s Best” survey is now under way.

On an unpredictable, irregular basis, the Times polls our readers to get their opinions on what’s best in this small, sleepy mountain town.

Over the years, we have consistently pared down the number of categories we ask our loyal readers to vote on. No more “Best Legs,” for example. No more “Best Cocktail Waitress,” either. (We’ve dropped the “popularity contest” categories that led to ballot box stuffing.)

This time around, we’re after the kind of hard information that might actually prove useful.

What’s the best restaurant in town? What’s the best inexpensive restaurant? The best Mexican restaurant? The best place for lunch?

What’s the best hotel? The best inexpensive hotel?

Sure, we here at the Times have our own opinions on these matters, but our opinions don’t count. We want to know what the people of Aspen think – because Aspen knows Aspen best.

So we’ll be publishing our ballot in the paper right on through June 10. Grab a copy and vote. Vote early. Vote often. Make yourself heard.

Then we’ll tally up the ballots and let you know what’s best.