He’s a positive influence

Dear Editor:

With this letter, I wish to speak to the character of Roderick O’Connor, Basalt chief of police.

I have known Roderick for more than 30 years as a conscientious property manager of the Tamarack condominiums in Snowmass Village, as a martial-arts instructor, as a police officer and as a friend. One cannot know Roderick for very long without wanting to be his friend.

I have observed Roderick in various professional roles in this community. Whatever the task, he brings to it a unique set of sensitivities and sensibilities. His gentle but confident nature, his uncanny awareness and understanding of people and his commitment to making this a better world have all served him well both in his professional and personal lives.

Roderick’s presence in this valley has greatly enriched the lives of those who know him well. His positive influence on this community, both as a leader and as a private resident, is immeasurable.

Carolyn H. Manosevitz



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