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Hershey mistaken

Tony Hershey in his June 4 letter referred to Question No. 5 from the 2001 Ballot. He is correct that 66 percent of Aspen voters (including myself) voted against a roundabout at Cemetery Lane. However, he conveniently gives us only part of the facts. He mistakenly draws the conclusion from that ballot question that saying NO to a roundabout at Cemetery Lane means we want the entrance moved to a new alignment. The heading for Question No. 5 read: USE OF CITY OWNED PROPERTY FOR ROUNDABOUT AT CEMETERY LANE SIGNAL LIGHT. The S-curves are hardly mentioned. We voted against a roundabout, but our vote had nothing to do with the S-curves. Mr. Hershey also didn’t mention Question No. 4, where 54 percent of the voters said NO to buses across Marolt. I continue to maintain that each of these questions was designed to give the fore-drawn conclusion.

Mr. Hershey goes on to state that he “does not support rail.” We voted NO to buses and NO to funding a train. So what kind of mass transit does Mr. Hershey envision across Marolt that has a mandate from the voters? Mr. Hershey continues to take the self-serving position that the petitioners are a “self-interested minority” and is unwilling to reconsider the decision to transfer the Marolt Open Space. The petition we are circulating had an estimated 760 signatures (400 registered in Aspen) at the first legally questionable deadline from interested citizens that wanted to be heard. Do you believe all these citizens are self-interested and can be ignored Mr. Hershey?

In order to get a fairly worded question on the next ballot, we have to get 15 percent of Aspen’s nearly 6,000 registered voters. Yet thousands of expired voter registrations have not been purged from the records. Is this process legal or fair when only 1,800 people voted in 2001? Mr. Hershey writes about a few alleged illegal signatures in a process with murky rules because he fears he will have to pay attention if we get 797 signatures.

Meet me at the post office from noon-1:30 p.m. and 3:30-5 p.m. Thursday and Friday to sign our petition and send Mr. Hershey a message.

Cliff Weiss

Up the Straight Shot

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