Here’s to the coaches and refs

Dear Editor:I would like to take this time to thank all of the volunteer coaches who dedicated their time and energy to make our recreational youth basketball programs a huge success. You all are a huge inspiration and role model to the youth in our community. You have put smiles on the faces of the youth that you coached and made them feel a part of the team. It’s wonderful to have coaches like you.Thanks to T.J. Joiner, Julia Anderson, Stacey Baldock, Marty Madsen, Ann Gianinetti, Ryan Pratt, Debbie and Ken Baird. I would also like to thank the referees, Jake Strack Loertscher, Jordan Hirro, Mitchell Somsen, Chris Matterano, and Tanner Gianinetti. It’s not easy being out there on the floor making the calls. You all did a great job keeping the games in check this season. Thumbs up to all of you!Chris LoertscherRecreation coordinatorCarbondale Recreation Department