Here’s to re-defeating Bush |

Here’s to re-defeating Bush

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

Like rats jumping off a sinking ship, the number of prominent Bush-bashers grows daily. Richard Clarke (former counter-terror chief) reminds us, not only has Boy-Bush’s post-9/11 strategy (namely the Iraq fiasco) been an unmitigated disaster, his pre-9/11 policies were just as dangerously inept.

As recent testimony (9/11 commission) indicates, the bright-lights of this administration (Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld) adhered to the Cold War paradigm of danger fostered and originating solely from nation-states, and unfortunately, looked away from a globalized liquid al-Qaida (a non-state player). Their irrational obsession with Iraq obviously undercut any effort on the larger and more pressing concern of 21st-century terror.

Methinks any war started on a lie (WMD or Gulf of Tonkin) is a bad war. Simply, our foreign policy should be, if you have to lie, it’s not worth our blood and treasure (600 U.S. dead and 18,000 med/evacs in Iraq).

Unfortunately, Uncurious George, while an able politician, just isn’t very smart. Dubya said, following 9/11, he wanted to do something “big.” Well, certainly his screw-up in Iraq will go down as the biggest foreign policy mistake in our history.

As democracy triumphed over bad policy in Spain, so to will ours over this Texas fraud.

Here’s to re-defeating Bush. See ya on the ridge.

Ben Newell