Here’s to properly replenishing hormones |

Here’s to properly replenishing hormones

Dear Editor:

Lately I have seen ads in your paper by a local chiropractor advertising his skill at treating hormone deficiencies.

As a Ph.D. biochemist, who does research in hormonal impact on mood and emotion, I wish to state that the scientific community does not use saliva tests, and that hormone deficiencies must be replenished with the actual missing molecule ” that is the essence of using bio-identical hormones. No herb or food supplement can replace what is the lack of something else, which is specific. Bio-identical hormones must be written by prescription, and the best are available from compounding pharmacies. Dr. Whitcomb and I worked on this for years, and since then, I have worked in partnership with Kenton Bruice, M.D. who specializes in bio-identical hormones. We also lecture internationally.

Phyllis J. Bronson, Ph.D.

Internal Medicine Associates



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