Here’s to a new mayor |

Here’s to a new mayor

Dear Editor: The June 10 Aspen Times reported on a lavish gala held in Helen Klanderud’s honor ,noting that “Champagne flowed, and there was sushi, crab cakes, shrimp and beef tenderloin for hours.” The Times elaborated: “By far the biggest concern for Klanderud is the divisiveness among the populace.” “I felt really good with the cooperation and collaboration in 2001 and 2002,” she said. “But I regret the divisiveness has returned. … The rich-poor thing has got to stop.” The “Klanderization” of Aspen has overseen the demise of many of our moderate priced lodges and eateries. I guess Helen’s solution to that “rich-poor thing” is to eliminate the poor by increasing the price of admission. Hopefully the next administration will spend more time actually working on creating a sustainable community for the populace and less time sipping champagne with the jet set. Bert MyrinAspen

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