Here’s hoping McClellan’s book brings down Bush |

Here’s hoping McClellan’s book brings down Bush

John Colson

How much of this must we endure before it gets too deep for us to bear and we do something about it?

I realize that question can be applied to a long list of ills and woes, but I am referring to the political dung heap known as the Bush administration’s pile of lies.

I refer particularly to the apparent revelation in Scott McClellan’s forthcoming book, “What Happened,” that McClellan, as press secretary at the Bush White House in 2003, was ordered by his bosses to lie to the nation about the administration’s role in outing former CIA specialist Valerie Plame.

Because the 400-plus-page book won’t be out until next spring, we don’t know all the details yet, but it appears McClellan is outing the president and his advisors in the same way that they outed Plame. How poetically just.

Already, calls for a probe have gone out over the Internet and the clouds of anger and suspicion are gathering over Washington, D.C. It would seem that this little passion play has not yet run its course.

From the very beginning, even before he was president, George W. Bush has been lying to us, either by his own words or by proxy through his cabal of evil henchmen.

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Remember the debacle of the 2000 election, when Florida was the flash point and brother Jeb delivered it as promised? We still don’t know exactly what happened there, but it stank and it still stinks. On that day, we endured the modern equivalent of a bloodless coup d’etat, played out on our television screens like a soap opera, complete with insincere declarations of loyalty and the display of knowing smirks and other facial tics by principal players whose manipulations of the truth were as glaring as solar flares against the deep dark of the universe.

And on they went, gleefully galloping hellbent for leather, riding roughshod over the U.S. Constitution, our standing in the international community and our belief in ourselves. The accumulation of power and wealth was their beacon, the star that they followed through the long night, and they didn’t even bother to try to justify the lies they told as they thundered along. They simply told them, and if they were caught, they pretended they hadn’t said or heard anything of the sort.

And that’s what they’re doing right now. The only response from the White House that I have seen so far, once McClellan’s tattling became news, is something from the press office about how they weren’t sure what McClellan was trying to say. The goal here seems to be a policy of complete obfuscation ” dazzle them with denials, baffle them with bullshit, when you’re on thin ice you might as well dance, the list of cliches is long and tawdry but very apropos.

Meanwhile, Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.) is calling for a congressional probe, various bloggers are demanding that McClellan be subpoenaed, and the talking heads are flapping their jaws so hard you have to fear for their facial integrity.

They called Ronald Reagan “the Teflon president,” because the rising tide of shit that characterized his governmental and military policies never seemed to stick to him even as it grimed and smeared his subordinates. Ollie North sticks out in my memory as one such splatteree. North was convicted on several counts stemming from the Iran-Contra scandal, though the convictions were later overturned, sparing Reagan the dilemma of whether or not to issue a pardon to the man who was, after all, just following orders.

Bush, of course, had no qualms about pardoning I. Scooter Libby, after Libby took the fall for the Plame affair. Bush undoubtedly acted out of fear that Libby might change his tune after spending time as the recreational target of prison gangs, naming names and pointing fingers in all directions. Regardless, Bush seems to have inherited Reagan’s Teflon shield to some extent, though there are signs that the shield is cracking.

If, as the reports indicate, McClellan’s book outs the top tier of the Bush team as being the ones behind the Plame scrap, there is only one thing to be done. Start impeachment proceedings, and throw the bums out. It worked with Nixon, it will work with Bush.

Do it. Now.

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