Here’s an idea |

Here’s an idea

Dear Editor:

I read recently that Mayor Mick Ireland says candidates will have to start earlier and spend more money to get elected in Aspen. Is that really how it should work? What the article didn’t say was if he was happy about that or not. I wonder.

Who benefits from this system we have created that requires more and more time, organization and money to win? Is it possible that anyone in power will work to change the system that inherently favors them? If there is anywhere that the national disgrace of power at any cost can be derailed, it is on a local level. Are our local elected officials interested in changing a system that as the office becomes bigger and bigger the corruption becomes more and more inevitable?

What if there was a voluntary, check-the-box system for registered voters to tell candidates for office their preferences for being contacted during campaigns? A public-based system would be easy to set up and tie to existing registered voter databases. As a voter you could go online, or into the clerks’ offices, to record your preferences for being contacted by candidates during elections. It’s optional for you and the candidates. As a registered voter the candidates know who you are and where you live anyway – you can’t hide, so wouldn’t it be great if you could tell them how you like to be communicated with?

You don’t like candidates interrupting your time at home – just check the box. Hate robo calls, check that box. You want only green campaigns – check the box for digital communication only and, if you choose, give your email address. This won’t change any candidate’s right to contact you, run ads, put “trash” on lawns, or any laws; but if you tell them not to do something will they anyway? This gives voters a voice and makes their lives more convenient and, I believe, would be a superb public service; that just might buck the trend of money equals power.

Scott Writer


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