Here, have my 2 cents |

Here, have my 2 cents

Dear Editor:

I understand times are tough, from an economical sense anyway. However, if our government decides to start giving bailouts to the large companies, they better start giving its taxpayers a little something extra.

Ford, GM and Chyrsler and many other companies outsourced overseas, raising unemployment in the hopes of saving a penny. Look how far it got them. Now they come back and ask for a donation? I don’t care what kind plan they have to rebuild, companies that go bankrupt are of their own doings. It is time that us modern-day Davids bring down the Goliaths.

America will not change by giving one company a break over another. I don’t think the government will give me a check, or a business in this valley a break for not protecting itself. A bailout is something you need when you’re in jail; the bigger the bail is set, the more of a risk you are of running away. If they want a bailout, well here’s my 2 cents. That’s all I care to give them.

Chris Everding

Glenwood Springs

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