Here comes the ticky tacky |

Here comes the ticky tacky

Tony Hershey gave an interesting response to the Burlingame question. “For the last time,” he says, using a phrase one reserves for lecturing a dull-witted, misbehaving child, “we’re stuck with a $10 million infrastructure giveaway to the Zolines.” Aspen’s contractually obligated to the Zolines whether Burlingame gets built or not.

Almost sounds like extortion, doesn’t it?

Say, does anyone remember mention of $10 million in the city’s ads? On the ballot? Funny, neither do I. But there it is, for the last time. We thought we were voting for employee housing; hey, a generally, maybe, good idea.

This is why I bristle when Rachel Richards says, “Let’s not revisit the vote.”

OK, let’s not revisit it. The political maneuver was perpetrated; we’re as good as fleeced, so now what? Well, I like what Torre has to say about it. Sustainability. Green building. Build out slowly. Build in efficiency. THINK.

I want to know how Burlingame can be a brilliant pastiche of urban planning, to stretch a metaphor, not a cheap warehouse for losers in the disposable income derby.

When I hear Rachel and Tony say, in so many words, “Don’t bother me, kid. Shut up and build it,” I think, here comes the ticky-tacky.

Dan Sadowsky


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