Her issues have issues

Dear Editor:

A glance at Elizabeth Milias’ Red Ant blog and her caravan of quibbling letters to the editors show how adept she is at sarcasm and mockery, a lazy substitute for constructive dialogue; and by rolling out yet another unkind website before the mayoral elections, she opens the door for attacks on herself.

I’m sure she has some good qualities, but her public persona and apparent lack of self-reflection is as blinkered as Jersey Shore’s “Snooki” or the Orange County Real Housewives. Instead of engaging in political debate for the community good, or running for office herself, she promotes an anti-personality cult, wherein she tries to deconstruct the people she doesn’t like through Rovian cruelty. If a cloaked website were patched together of her life and utterances she could easily be made to look like a rude contradiction.

Like many unfortunates who are addicted to criticism, she doesn’t understand the harm she is doing, or how she is hurting herself more than others. This sad trait often comes from a lifetime of difficult relationships – with parents, peers on the playground, cubicle neighbors, and after nasty divorces. Such spite is a defense mechanism, developed through a history of perceived rejections.

Her recent criticism of Su Lum in a Times letter to the editor was mean, going so far as to say Su’s remedial oxygen is lacking, and then closing out with, “Have a wonderful day, Su! I’m going skiing and then getting a massage. You?” Here, again, Milias hasn’t a clue that she is a dilettante without a job.

Her tragic character, whose sharp brain has run astray, is an anti-heroine, doomed to repeat because she perpetuates the same cycle upon herself.

I wish her well in her recovery.

Tim Cooney