Helping the cemetery |

Helping the cemetery

Dear Editor:

A recent article in The Aspen Times provided an informative look at the Aspen Grove Cemetery and the current preservation efforts underway. But behind the headlines and often behind the scenes, there are community members who have been volunteering time and energy over the years to maintain the historic site.

The city of Aspen Historic Preservation staff wants to recognize Jim and Ramona Markalunas and numerous others for their efforts at the Aspen Grove Cemetery.

Because of their hard work, grave markers are in good condition and only require light cleaning due to regular weathering. The Aspen community is indebted to these stewards for their determination in caring for this unique, local resource. The maintenance of the cemetery has been a labor of love over the years – all for the purpose of protecting Aspen’s heritage.

While the city of Aspen does not own or currently maintain the cemetery, we are working to supervise the documentation, surveying and planning of this important site. Work is underway to inventory the site and to develop a preservation plan, which will be the first step for maintaining the cemetery in the long-term. A comprehensive plan will propose options to protect and maintain the cemetery, provide the cemetery board and the public with an extensive inventory and history of each burial, and explore ways of promoting public access for educational and interpretive purposes.

If you want to be a part of preserving the Aspen Grove Cemetery like the Markalunas family and many others, look for opportunities to be involved in the preservation plan. The public will be invited to comment on the plan in the fall. For more information, please contact Historic Preservation Planner Sara Adams at 970-429-2778.

Amy Guthrie and Sara Adams

City of Aspen Historic Preservation staff

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