Help to make lives better |

Help to make lives better

Dear Editor:

Hi, my name is Wendy Torres. I’m a sixth grader. I’m taking English classes. We’re studying persuasive writing.

I believe that we should help the immigrants. First, people from Mexico go to jail or die just to make a dream come true. They want to make their lives better. Second, there are kids that are separated from their parents. Kids that are born here are Americans, their parents are immigrants and have been sent back to Mexico. They still get separated because the immigration officials do not think about the happy lives they have with their parents. Finally, let’s help them live. Lets put them into our safe circle. Mexico is a dangerous place and our circle is safer.

Please, let’s help them. They should come in, but with rules. Let’s change the U.S.A. and the rules of this big problem. Let’s solve it. Mexicans are disrespected, but we could stop that. If we’re together we could do something about it and we could make a big difference. Thanks for listening! I will wait for your help. This message is to let you know what I felt about the immigrants.

Wendy Torres

Glenwood Springs

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