Help those who sacrificed |

Help those who sacrificed

Dear Editor:How badly can Aspen treat disabled veterans?I just learned from a source at the VA Hospital in Grand Junction that disabled vets are charged $129 a night for a room while attending the Winter Sports Clinic at Snowmass. Many in Aspen may not consider this to be excessive. Consider the following.Most of the vets are very seriously disabled. When they are rated 100 percent disabled by the VA, they receive $2,299 per month. They come to Aspen from all over the United States and must pay for their own air travel.Are these vets all old guys from WWII? No, out of 323 participants this year, there were 53 from Iraq. Of the total group, 38 were female.Come on, Aspen! Contribute to the vets’ cost of lodging, and act like you appreciate what they have given to ensure our freedom.Clark L. Wingate 10th Mountain Division, WWIIGrand Junction


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