Help the birds |

Help the birds

Exotic birds are illegally being shipped from Mexico every day. Every year around 25,000 birds are smuggled into the U.S. Fifty percent of the birds smuggled into the U.S. die.

Birds are stuffed into small spaces while being transported. When the birds arrive, they are half-starved, have injuries, are bleeding and scream in terror when anybody approaches them. Some handlers even put out their cigarettes on their birds. A lot of birds die shortly after their arrival in the pet stores.

No animal should be treated like this. These exotic birds are taken away from their home and cruelly transported to a place they don’t want to be.

Somebody has to stop this before it gets worse. You could help stop bird cruelty by calling the Gabriel Foundation at 963-2034, located in Carbondale, and make a donation.

Haylen Gregory

Seventh grader

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