Help put up an exchange student |

Help put up an exchange student

Dear Editor:

Each year the Aspen Rotary Club participates in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. It is a wonderful program that enables some of our local high school students to study abroad for a year and for wonderful students from other countries to spend a year as a student in Aspen.

This year, four students from Aspen will be headed out on exchange, and we will receive one student in Aspen. Our student is a high school junior named Marco, and he will be coming to us from Sardinia, Italy. He will arrive in mid-August and is excited about joining the Aspen High School track team as well as skiing in the winter.

As part of the exchange program, the Aspen Rotary Club is looking for families who are willing to host Marco in their home for part of his stay here.

An ideal host family has a student in the schools and can provide basic transportation, meals and a comfortable bedroom. Host families can host for as little as a few weeks or as long as six months. Marco’s expenses are covered by Rotary so as to minimize financial burden.

If you are interested in learning more about hosting Marco, please contact Rotary Youth Exchange Coordinator Cory Lowe at 970-376-2911 or He’ll be happy to explain how the program works and answer any of your questions.

Every family that has hosted a Rotary exchange student has always enjoyed the experience and is so pleased that they participated. So, please consider this opportunity for your family.

Cory Lowe


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