Help prevent suicide |

Help prevent suicide

Dear Editor:

September is National Suicide Awareness Month.

Many of us have been affected by the death of a family member, partner, friend or coworker due to suicide. In fact, 31,000 people die each year nationally. There is an average of 2,831 suicide attempts in Colorado per year. Colorado is sixth in the nation for suicide deaths. We all know that there are far too many suicides in our small valley.

The Aspen Hope Center along with Garfield County Suicide Prevention Coalition, of which I’m a member, is holding “Q(uestion) P(ersuade) R(refer)” trainings throughout the valley this month. Check the calendar listings of The Aspen Times for the location and time of training each week.

Suicide is preventable. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Please make time in your busy schedule to attend a QPR presentation to learn how to save a life.

Deborah VanCott


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