Help for the traffic-bound |

Help for the traffic-bound

Dear Editor:Commissioner Michael Owsley needs to read the Constitution that County Commissioners take an oath of office to protect and uphold. It has nothing to do with the Patriot Act or the Federal Constitution. He swore to uphold the State of Colorado’s Constitution.Increasingly our elected act as though they were elected to the U.S. Congress and forget the duties and responsibilities they are elected to. Though the war in the Middle East is stressful and we all wish we could effect peace there – that is not the role of the County Commission.Under the State Constitution, the Commissioners have a directive to make sure roads and bridges operate in a functional manner. Though technically Highway 82 is not a County Road, the Commissioners do have constitutional power and authority. It would be refreshing if Michael Owsley would pay attention to his job and advocate for us stuck everyday in the Roundabout or S-curves.Instead of holding a session on the U.S. Bill of Rights (Aug. 2) how about holding a session on antiquated road systems?Shellie RoyAspen


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