Help for a boarder |

Help for a boarder

Dear Editor:

My name is Logan Garrison, and I have a big problem! My snowboard with brand new bindings fell off the RFTA bus on Wednesday. I was on my way to Highlands to meet a friend to go ride, but then we get half way there and I turn around to check on my board and whadaya know ” it’s gone. So the driver lets me off, and I start walking along Castle Creek Road between the round about and the hospital, but no luck. I looked for about an hour and a half, and I couldn’t find it.

So then I went down to the RFTA, and they couldn’t really tell me anything except to wait to see what happens. So then I go to the police station and file a missing item report. So I hope you can realize the pain I feel and how bad this sucks!! So if you know anything about my board, please call me at 922-7394. It was a brown High Society board with white Flux bindings.

P.S.: I really need to get back to the shred, this is my life!

Logan Garrison


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