Help feed the cubs |

Help feed the cubs

Dear Editor:

All of us at the PSS Wildlife Foundation want to thank everyone who made contributions to the foundation to take care of the Aspen bear cubs.

Fourteen orphaned bear cubs from the Western Slope came through the foundation this summer. Most of the cubs will be put into hibernation locations soon. However, four cubs are not big enough (i.e., fat enough) to survive on their own, so they will over-winter at the foundation. Daily, they’ll be eating boxes of fruits and melons for the sugar content and a lot of dry dog food for the nutrients.

To help feed these four cubs, the foundation is seeking donations of unopened bags of dry dog food. You can drop off the dog food inside the front entrance of the Pitkin County Jail between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. any day of the week through Dec. 18. In order for the cubs to get maximum nutrients, please bring a high quality dog food.

Monetary donations can also be made to the PSS Wildlife Foundation, 5945 Country Road 346, Silt, CO 81652 any time of the year.

I want to thank the jail administration and employees for helping with this effort. A big thanks also goes to Richard Pryor, chief of police. He’s allowing people to park in the Galena Street circle, just off Main Street, next to the Pitkin County Courthouse while they are taking their dog food donations to the jail. If you need help carrying the bagged dog food, please go to the window inside the jail and ask for assistance.

Walt Geister, who works at the jail, did the legwork to make this happen. He is also taking the bags of dog food to the foundation. Thanks a million, Walt. And thanks to all you animal lovers who are making contributions to the foundation.

To learn more about the PSS Wildlife Foundation, log onto

Lindsay Smith

Volunteer, PSS Wildlife Foundation


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