Help a child in need

Have you seen the movie, “About Schmidt”? Do you remember the boy is Africa that he corresponded with through the Childreach program? Do you know that he is a real boy and Childreach is a real program?

I do. I have been a foster parent in the Childreach program for 38 years. I started with a boy in Ecuador, then a girl in Haiti, then a girl in Mali and now her younger brother.

Through Childreach, I have helped these children and their families and others in their village. Childreach helps with tuition costs, food and clothing for these families. It helps with emergencies, inoculations and health care. It builds wells, provides educational supplies and teaches hygiene and adult literacy.

You are able to correspond with your child, visit your child and know the program really works. But even more important, through you, people in other parts of the world get to experience the human and humane face of America.

In these trying times what better way do we have to communicate the goodness of America than through our actions, one person to one person? You could be the next person to help one child.

Find out about Childreach by going to their Web site – – or calling them at 1-800-556-7918.

P.S. The happy ending to the story of the boy in Africa is that the crew of “About Schmidt” adopted him.

Georgeann Waggaman