Heartfelt gratitude

I am writing to send my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped search for my missing black Lab, Nica. Foremost, I owe my deepest appreciation to Dick Danell, who found Nica after she spent a week in the wilderness and returned her home to me.

I would also like to thank Tina and Laurie from the Snowmass Animal Control who went door-to-door looking for Nica while I was still out of town. Additionally, I owe thanks to Police Chief Art Smythe and the Snowmass P.D., Henry Hays, Annie Glatz, Becky Bauer, Carla Wheeler, Fed Ex drivers Steve and Jim, Julia Penny, Chris Everson, Maria Copenhaver, Shirley Tipton, Beverly Compton, Jackie Lothian, Fred Dick, Tammy Baar, Dave at Snowmass Real Estate and all the countless others for their help, concern and prayers.

I would also like to thank Channel 16, KSNO, KSPN, KNFO, KAJX and KDNK for spreading the word about Nica.

She was very hungry and a little dehydrated, but none the worse for wear. Nica means the world to me, and we are very happy that she is home again.

Cheryl Koehne

Snowmass Village


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