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Dear Editor:

I was devastated as I drove by Explore Book Store and saw those two for sale signs, and even worse was the add which said “Aspen’s Victorian Jewel” (so true) many possibilities for office/retail, etc. One can only picture the possibilities of yet another real estate office or high-end retail store.

One need only read the many writings in Katharine Thalberg’s memorial book to realize how much Explore means to Aspen.

For me Explore has been the most important part of Aspen over the past 30 years. I go in there at least three times a week even after moving downvalley. I have been nourished at the Bistro with the wonderful food selections, and my life has been nourished and enriched by the thousands of books I have purchased there over the years.

Flicka Kuen

Aspen and downvalley

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