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Heart fund helps Basalt girl

Friends of Brooke Lambert have established the Follow Your Heart Fund to help the six-year resident of the Roaring Fork Valley cover the costs of correcting a debilitating heart condition.

Brooke, 24, left Sunday for Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs where she will undergo at least one and possibly several surgeries to correct a condition known as super ventricular tachicardia, or SVT, that makes her heart beat at nearly twice the rate of a normal heart.

Brooke is relying on state indigent insurance to pay for at least some of the bills for her surgery, but a flier for the Follow Your Heart Fund points out that “her family lacks all of the needed funds for her operation and recovery.”

Brooke’s mother, Penny Lambert, was diagnosed with a brain tumor three years ago. Her treatment was successful, but the situation took both mother and daughter out of the work force for the better part of a year, depleting the family savings.

“I quit my job for a year to take care of my mom,” Brooke said. “That’s one reason we don’t have much money.”

Brooke and her mother live together in Basalt. They both work part time at Suzie’s consignment store in Aspen.

Brooke’s condition has been misdiagnosed for most of her life. She says she’s seen doctors whenever the symptoms have made her uncomfortable. One doctor surmised that her condition was a result of dehydration and recommended she drink water. Other doctors have come up with similarly fruitless treatments.

Now that she’s been correctly diagnosed with SVT, a condition that results in tissue blocking part of the path of the electric signal that makes the heart beat, Brooke realizes she’s been living with a serious health threat for most of her life.

“I can go into cardiac arrest if it’s not dealt with,” Brooke said.

After surgery, and once she gets her bills under control, Brooke hopes to go to school in Phoenix.

The Follow Your Heart Fund flier says donations can be made directly to

Brooke Lambert at P.O. Box 11416, Aspen, 81612, or in an account at Community Bank in Basalt, 255 Gold River Ct., Suite 140, Basalt, 81621. The account number is 801-1087.

For more information contact Seraina McCarty at 948-5518.

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