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Heard the news, Cleverly?

Dear Editor:

I read the front page of The Aspen Times on Monday morning and was vividly reminded of the May 15 opinion written by my new hero, Michael Cleverly. In his insightful column, Mr. Cleverly brilliantly pointed out some of the things that are wrong with the Old Mining Town.

Monday’s article about the sad plight of the poor owners of the old Stage 3 Theater was a perfect example of what Mr. Cleverly was talking about. It seems that our good friends at Main Street Properties (Main Street in Dallas) bought our beloved Bijou for $5 million four years ago when real estate was booming. They then tore the building down and left us with a festering, rusting, half-built hole in the ground that has been fenced off for three years and counting. Are you following me here? OK, here’s the funny part. Main Street Properties now claims that this architectural gem is worth four times what they paid for it in 2006.

Michael, thanks again for hitting the nail right on the head. Care to hammer away at this one?

Owen W. O’Farrell



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