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Hear, hear

Dear Editor:

Addison Gardner’s column (“Dems: It’s time to retire the ‘racism’ franchise,” Tuesday, Sept. 29, The Aspen Times) was right on target.

So that as a society we make the correct decisions it’s important that we all get the facts straight. So often those, including the media, say something often enough that it is accepted as gospel, and the Dems’ version of history is one of them. On a very related issue, I, too, have strong Southern ties, having lived outside of Atlanta while working for a fantastic local soft drink company (whose diet drink I am sipping while typing) for most of my working life.

I became sick and tired of Dems, especially from the coasts, assuming we were inundated by racists, including, for example, “born-again Christians.” Their ignorance was amazing, for we were more integrated than other regions and those “born-again Christians” (of which I am not) had the most integrated religious organizations. But these regional attitudes were typical. These regional attitudes dovetailed nicely with the Dems’ version of history so that we supposedly had a racist GOP South. Too bad for the Dems, they were wrong.

William Bernstein


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