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Heaping praise for the Hickory House

Dear Editor:

The Buddy Program is so thankful to the community, volunteers, local businesses and, of course, the Hickory House and its staff, who all made this year’s Thanksgiving dinner at the Hickory House such a wonderful event.

We wish to thank Paradise Bakery, Main Street Bakery and Lisa Joe’s All Things Sweet for providing the desserts; Tong Luu for providing the turkeys; Aspen Party Rentals for donating equipment; and the owners, managers, staff and volunteers of the Hickory House who gave tireless hours to the event. A special thanks to Paul Dioguardi, Brian Jack, Adriann Wanner, Alex Anderson and Susan Cottle and her little buddy, Evelyn.

This year, we saw a few Little Buddies and their families celebrating their Thanksgiving at the Hickory House. This annual tradition has become a true community event for all the members of our valley to come together and give thanks. We are grateful to the Hickory House for providing the opportunity to enjoy a delicious dinner among friends, while donating to one of our valley’s nonprofits. So many people received so much through these efforts of the Hickory House.

Again, thank you to the Hickory House and the entire community for your support.

Heather Hicks

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