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Headline hyperbole

Dear Editor:

Shame on the Aspen Daily News for publishing another sensational headline: “Bear injures sleeping woman.” A more appropriate headline, although not to sensational, would have been: “Sleeping woman scared by bear.”

It would be funny but these sensational headlines keep scaring more and more people who will be insisting that the DOW kill all bears around here. Please give us the details on this vicious attack. You guys are not even sure whether this singular puncture, as reported, was caused by a scratch or a bite! How deep was the ouch? Did it break the skin? Did it draw blood?

Better yet, let’s see a photo of the ouch so that we can all understand what it takes for the DOW to destroy another curious bear. Maybe the ouch was caused by the woman jumping up and hitting something in fright. Maybe the bear didn’t even touch her! It must have been a horrible ouch since no medical attention was required.

Between the newspapers’ love of the sensational, and the bear brochures distributed around town this year, which imply that bear attacks are common, the black bear has evolved in the minds of the unknowing as a super killer. With this manufactured danger now being fully developed, every situation with a bear becomes thought of as a brush with death and the reporting of the incident plays out accordingly. Shame on you!

Mark Kwiecienski

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