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He should have known better

Dear Editor:

It is so nice of Jeannie Carter to write about her boyfriend, Jim Crowley; after all we should stand behind our loved ones (letters, Sept. 3). But come on, I have more faith in APD than she does.

Everyone knows that it had to be more than a hangover. This is not a retail job, or a department store job. No, this is a man who has a gun, who can use it. All it takes is one time to make a mistake.

Do we want a policeman under the influence to protect our loved ones? Sure, he has 18 years of service and has done a wonderful job, so it must have been hard for the APD to make that decision. Not only do they work with him, but I am sure they were friends.

Something had to be done. And with 18 years of service he should have known better than to be under the influence on the job. After all, what would he have done if he saw a policeman with a gun under the influence on the job? Can we really be too careful?

Terry Badger


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