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He didn’t really say that … did he?

Shame on the Aspen Times! You must improve the accuracy of your reporting.

In last Thursday’s article about downzoning in rural Pitkin County, local builder Marty Schlumberger was quoted as saying, “The highest and best use of the land isn’t agriculture, it’s housing.” HOUSING? There is no way he could have said that.

I don’t know Mr. Schlumberger, but I assume he’s a successful, intelligent man because I’ve seen his name on the side of some really nice trucks. If he truly believed such an asinine statement wouldn’t he live in the Vail Valley?

Why would he choose to build here and fight so many Pitkin County/Aspen regulations? The article makes him sound like a pro-pavement, short-sighted, code violating, build-out, negligent buffoon.

If I were a rancher I wouldn’t want a scurrilous scumbag speaking for me. I think The Aspen Times owes him an apology.

Jim Paussa


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