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Having a laugh at Shell

Dear Editor:The bean counters at the oil companies, from the board to the distributors, to local stations, must be having a good one. And patting themselves on the back over their price gouging profits in Colorado, and more particularity here in our valley.Ever notice how with some comment by a TV newsperson or any news report about the “possibility” of a rise in oil prices, Shell has a higher price before the day is over? Yet now when crude prices are falling, and the whole country is seeing prices fall 10 to 50 cents a gallon, we see about half any decrease. And not to forget, we are talking 85 octane here, and 87 most other places!Seems prices never drop back as far most other places, so when a increase comes, they start from a new higher bottom. Yet Colorado hasn’t moved, nor have distribution costs seen any relative change. But now they need more to profit? And the local stations blame the local distributors (Western Petroleum), and they blame Shell. Of course, we heard that a shortage of Diesel fuel (only in Colo.?) is their latest excuse for regular gas prices being high. That sure makes sense? I have been back and forth to Phoenix on a regular basis since 1994 and the price differential at the pump has averaged 20 to 25 cents per gallon (remembering their lowest octane is 87), and now we are seeing prices vary some 25 to 40 cents per gallon difference. Go figure.Shell also seems to have a new thing going in Grand Junction. Selling a number of their local stations to small company(ies), keep them buying Shell gas, raise the price and let them take the heat. The bottom line is we are getting hammered with our gas, and liquor prices as well (25 to 35 percent higher). But we hear only silence from our governor and other elected officials. Maybe it’s their thank you cards from oil companies and their contribution gifts received at election time? Well, all we got to respond is our choice of where to buy and our vote.Seems if local businesses want us locals to support them, they need to show same the consideration back to locals.Jim Foster Glenwood Springs

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