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Have you ever witnessed or personally experienced road rage?

Yeah, I would say every day driving downvalley after work.

Yeah, all the time. I personally had a run-in while I was on I-70 in Glenwood. Someone just started tailing right behind me.

Just five minutes ago. I got out of the parking garage and I was walking up the hill, and there was a parade of kids in costumes and this truck stopped to let them cross the street. Then this Jeep just hit this truck from behind. And then [the Jeep] just kept going. The guy in the truck got out and started yelling at the guy driving away – right in front of the kids.

Does road rage count as someone putting their finger up at you? Yes? OK, that happened when I was going slow in the fast lane in a truck. I didn’t want to go faster than the speed limit.

Not here, but I have when we were driving through Florida and my buddy cut this guy off in a pickup truck. Two minutes later, the guy comes flying back next to us and he’s holding a gun, yelling, “blah, blah, blah.” My friend just hit the gas to get ahead of him.

If you’re trying to leave to pick your kid up at school during 5 o’clock traffic on Main Street, it can get pretty bad. All those people in the left lane don’t want to wait in line. Everybody just zips past. I see the finger all the time. Not just one, but two fingers.

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