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Have we forgotten about humanity?

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

I was so pleased to see Ron Harris’ letter of Thursday (Double standard?) expressing how offensive he found the cartoon your newspaper ran on March 23, depicting Sheik Ahmed Yassin being crucified in his wheelchair by missiles bearing stars of David.

Was this meant to be amusing? I stared at the cartoon wondering if it could be implying what it obviously was, but unable to believe that your newspaper would publish this insidious trash. So now, thanks to Mel Gibson, we Jews are depicted on the screen in vicious stereotype crucifying a genuine spiritual leader, and in the cartoon you gave us we see another man called a “spiritual leader” being done in by us same Jews. Osama bin Laden, too, poses as a spiritual leader as did (do?) the upper echelons of the Taliban.

Why are terrorists who attack the United States regarded differently than those who unleash suicide bombers on Israeli citizens? Wherein lies the origin of this double standard applied to the Jewish nation? Could it be in a European tradition of anti-Semitism, whose ugly head is surfacing again around the globe?

Do the words of a far-sighted 19th century Vatican theologian – “When we think about humanity, we forget about the Jews; when we think about the Jews, we forget about humanity?” – still apply?

Judith King

Glenwood Springs