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Have an affair in Aspen

Dear Editor:

There are many old-timers in Aspen and the rest of the Roaring Fork Valley who recall Aspen photographer Mike’s big-selling poster titled “Have An Affair In Aspen.”

I am sure many will agree with me it is longer overdue for many to live a more exciting and productive life in this area by bringing back, practicing and keeping the mental and emotional etching of “Have An Affair In Aspen” alive instead of being zombies in the present downtown Aspen graveyard, the land of the dead and dying.

From Carbondale, former old-time Aspenite Kent Jones sends greetings to Joneszee, Toni Kronberg and others. Jones is thinking about making a ton of money to recapture some of the Aspen he really wants to own.

To readers like Aspen’s Pete Luhn, there is a very popular song in present America which is not heard on the radio in these parts that says, “roses smell like pooh pooh.” So particular Aspenites, stop being like pooh pooh, like I experienced by attending on April 28 in Hollywood, Calif., – the taping of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” television talk show at the El Capitan Theater owned by the Walt Disney Co. The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” staff and production company have a reputation on Hollywood Boulevard of not letting their audiences go to the bathroom when needed. Do not be pooh pooh.

It is time to keep alive, as a living tribute to Mike, who Ronnie at The Steak Pit restaurant vividly recalls, “Have An Affair In Aspen.” Now is the good time for Kent Jones to pull out his “Have An Affair In Aspen” poster; his Hunter Thompson posters will come in handy at a future date.

“Have An Affair in Aspen” and get a life for yourself boys and girls.

Emzy Veazy III, Esq.

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