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Have a say in how you vote

Dear Editor:

Fundamental to the democratic principles we all celebrated on Saturday is our much-treasured right to vote in fair, well-managed, transparent elections which maintain voter confidence. Two important public discussions regarding our local voting process and methods are being held this month – both of which deserve local voters’ participation.

Recently we have made two very significant changes in the way we vote – one (IRV) was just tested in the city, and one (mail-in-only election) is about to be used in the county, including Aspen and Snowmass Village.

Today, our upcoming November mail-in (only) election will be discussed by Janice Vos Caudill, Pitkin County clerk and recorder. Many voters do not realize what a major change this election method entails, and the numerous questions which may be raised. (Will in-person voting be allowed? Do voters need to take action to obtain a ballot? Are there groups at risk of not receiving ballots? How and where will votes be tabulated? What verification and security measures will be used?) I urge you to attend the session today at 5:30 p.m. at the Pitkin County Library meeting room. Ms. Vos Caudill’s presentation is being sponsored by the Pitkin County Republicans. All are welcome, as the subject of election integrity and good process is a non-partisan subject of importance to all voters.

On July 21, the Aspen City Council will be meeting to review the pros and cons of our May instant runoff voting (IRV) experience. There have been many questions by the voters about the complexities and anomalies of IRV, as well as the time and financial costs compared to traditional runoffs. Please plan to attend this session to express your opinion on whether to keep the IRV system or return to a more traditional system.

Protect your confidence in the election system, learn more about the new processes, and participate in the decision-making by attending the meetings.

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