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Hats off to Salazar

Dear Editor:

I would like to demonstrate my appreciation toward Congressman John Salazar’s effort in earmarking $24 million toward the implementation of a BRT described in the article “Committee OKs $24M for RFTA’s Bus Rapid Transit project,” published July 24.

As a former resident Curitiba, the city in which the BRT system is being used as model in the implementation of American BRTs, I can say with confidence that this system is worthy. The significant reduction of greenhouse emissions and our dependence on foreign oil are two great incentives for both implementation and use of such systems.

Beyond the creation of jobs during this relentless crisis, such a massive investment in infrastructure will help the U.S. close its gap in terms of public transit when compared to European countries. I hope other states follow the example set by Colorado.

Pedro Tanaka

Palo Alto, Calif.