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Hatred masquerading as morality

Dear Editor: This is in response to Sharon Briggs’ letter regarding gay and lesbian marriage printed in the Aspen Times on July 16.The letter is a prime example of discrimination and hatred masquerading as morality. It evokes a time in America when political and religious leaders believed women were the inferior sex and it was illegal for them to vote; a time when some religious and political leaders donned white hooded robes and brutally murdered people because of the color of their skin; a time when people were bought and sold as property and forced to endure abuse that no human being should ever have to endure; people being punished simply for being themselves.The hostility and ignorance presented in your letter serve as a sad and frightening reminder that discrimination and bigotry are still pervasive today and that people continue to be punished for being different. Unfortunately, there are still those individuals who want to deny “these people” their basic human rights even though they are, in fact, decent, hard-working, moral human beings who contribute to society in a positive manner and do good in the world.We find your statement that “you have turned my town into a haven for these people” extremely ignorant, hateful and just wrong. How can you call this town your own and at the same time make such a hostile generalization about a group of people who live and work in this community, men and women who help to make this community as special as it is? You might be surprised what you will learn if you open your mind, heart, and ears and listen to some of the many men and women that you categorize as “these people.”How would you feel if one of “these people” was a loved one, a daughter, a son, a sister, brother or even a parent?Like Rachel Richards, we oppose the constitutional amendment to ban gay and lesbian marriages. Same-sex couples deserve the very same right as any other to have their love and commitment legally recognized. There is no place for discrimination in the Constitution of the United States, the town of Aspen, or anywhere else for that matter. We must always strive to gain a better understanding, overall respect and tolerance for the many different individuals that make up our amazing town and the United States of America.Callie and Alex Henry-PalmazAspen

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