Hatfield’s comments outrageous

(This letter was originally addressed to the Pitkin County commissioners.)

Yesterday’s Aspen Times reported that Pitkin County Commissioner Jack Hatfield “felt many in the community were pressured by their employers, such as the Skico, to vote against the initiative [in Snowmass Village].”

He was also quoted as stating “this is a small community and there’s the potential of being blackballed from jobs.” As a “Skico” employee, I feel compelled to respond to these public remarks by one of our county commissioners.

Commissioner Hatfield’s remarks are outrageous and appalling. To assert that Pitkin County voters do not vote in accord with their conscience because of “pressure” from their employers is grossly insulting to our elected officials, Pitkin County voters and our entire business community. His comment regarding “blackballing” evidences his lack of faith in the secret ballot process and our American democracy.

Mr. Hatfield’s remarks also tarnish the hard work of the Board of County Commissioners.

Pat O’Donnell

CEO, Aspen Skiing Co.