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Hatfields and McCoys

It seems useless to continue an argument using facts and logic, when the other party is basing their argument on opinions, faith and myth.

That said, I am nothing if not stubborn. However, present a new fact and you may change my opinion. Unfortunately, Jay Pate fails to state any facts in his latest missive, preferring instead to repeat the same tired old lies he used in his previous letter.

Sorry, Mr. Pate, but the information from Britain’s MI6 came to the White House in the form of a report compiled by the CIA. While Bush may have attributed it to the British, he read it in a CIA report that was delivered in October 2002. That report clearly states that the British information was suspect, as the letters it was based upon were believed to be forgeries.

So get over it. Bush lied. Worse, it wasn’t just the infamous 16 words. It was every portion of his State of the Union speech (and all his other public speeches) that talked about Saddam’s iWMDs (that’s imaginary Weapons of Mass Destruction).

Those lies cost thousands of lives, and are still costing lives. If you want to be skeptical about the war, you might want to start by being skeptical of the man who started it.

Now, if we had found those missile silos of Jay’s, I would only think the war was illegal. If Saddam had threatened to use those imaginary missiles, then Mr. Pate would have an argument with which I would have to agree.

But agreeing that Bush had the right to order an invasion of Iraq, based upon the currently known facts, means that by the same logic, when a foreign power assassinates Bush, they also are in the right.

After all, Bush has clearly demonstrated his willingness to invade foreign countries and use WMDs. It’s like the Hatfields and the McCoys on a global scale. So while our technological knowledge continues to progress, our sociological skills seem to be regressing.

In the end, Mr. Pate seems to be most upset that I refer to Bush as “King George” and that I’m not afraid to point out that he was not elected to the office he holds.

Well, his name is George, he acts as if he’s a king, rather than an elected representative of the people, and synchronistically best of all, our country was created in a rebellion against another tyrannical, insane King George. If the shoe fits …

As for his appointment, the facts are there; I’ve stated them before, and they have not been refuted.

“Do not steal, do not murder and hold your political leaders to these standards as well. Avoiding these things is not unduly restrictive. There were a multitude of trees in the Garden and only one to avoid.” – Stephen Carson

Agustin Goba

Snowmass Village

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