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Hatfield has conflict of interest

Pitkin County Commissioner Jack Hatfield’s letter to both newspapers stating he was speaking for something he called “Citizens for Responsible Growth” may have violated his office as a Pitkin County commissioner and Colorado or federal laws.

Snowmass Village is completely within Pitkin County, and all access and utilities are controlled by Pitkin County commissioners.

What is this organization? Is it registered with the state, is it a political action committee? Is Hatfield the president? When was he elected to represent this group? Can Pitco commissioners serve on other boards or committees that influence land-use planning in Pitkin County? I think not.

To submit a petition as an organization requires registration as a political action committee for land-use planning and is an obvious conflict of interest.

If this group is not legally qualified, their petition is invalid.

Why does Hatfield suddenly want the citizens to vote on this “challenging issue,” but deny the citizens the vote on vehicle emissions testing or extreme regulation of Pitco ranches?

The issue is now the integrity, honesty and credibility of Jack Hatfield, not the Base Village.

Hatfield has always been quick to prosecute anyone violating Pitco ordinances, so if he has violated his office or state or federal laws, he should be treated equally.

The petition may be invalid due to false representation.

D. L. Briscoe