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Hate speech, not free speech

Dear Editor:

I just had the displeasure to read the worst Aspen Times staff editorial ever (“Our vote for free speech,” Oct. 10). The staff editorial confuses free speech with hate speech. What a profoundly ignorant, insensitive exercise in intellectual laziness. You even had the craven cheek to advise that Aspen dabble in Holocaust denial in the interest of proving that, get this, Aspen is too cool for hate.

When you put an equals sign between controversy and discussion, you sink to the level of right-wing talk radio. Here’s something you were too busy to consider while you were burnishing your lightweight intellectual armor: Air the Holocaust denial video and the word goes out that GrassRoots is game for any hate group, anytime. An American Nazi’s dream: Set up camp in liberal Aspen.

In what way exactly can a skinhead “hang himself,” as you put it, when he knows Aspen is too gutless to say no? Where is the adult that edits the editors?

Daniel Sadowsky


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