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Harper knows all

Although I am certain that no one would take his letter seriously, I wanted to respond to the letter from Kenneth G. Harper entitled Dumb Brokers?

I am surprised at his approach to gain business by bashing other real estate brokers in the community. Obviously I must be missing something as I may not have the incredible IQ that Mr. Harper supposedly possesses. However, what I do know is that over the years I have worked with very talented, intelligent, and hard-working brokers in this community. I have learned the valuable lessons of cooperation in order to complete a transaction. Perhaps, Mr. Harper will not need to work with others as he apparently knows all. Unfortunately this attitude will work to the disadvantage for him and his future clients.

The tone and attitude of Mr. Harper’s letter shows his lack of respect for the real estate community. I sincerely hope that he changes his attitude and spends some time actually getting to know his cooperating brokers in this community.

Thomas Carr


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