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Hard-core leftist

Dear Editor:Sven Alstrom is certainly a hard-core leftist, as evidenced by his Oct. 4 letter citing Ramsey Clark as a person who knows what is good for America. For those too young to remember Clark, they should know he was a longtime admirer of the communist system and an enemy of capitalism. As for Sven, he appears to admire anyone who opposes the American system of private business. His opposition to our efforts to make Iraq a democracy tells me he believes the world should have supported Saddam Hussein. I guess that makes sense as we know Hussein is an admirer of Stalinism. I know Sven will say the United States once supported and armed Hussein/Iraq. That was a regrettable situation where we had to say, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Also, two “”wrongs” don’t make a “right.” Today we must be resolute in seeking out and destroying enemies of our values wherever they are in the world.Bill SchafferAspen

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