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Happy Australia Day, everyone

Karl Herchenroeder
The Aspen Times

Well, the Aussies officially took over Aspen Mountain on Monday, cementing their stay with a game of cricket near the top of Lift 3 in celebration of Australia Day.

Somebody made some sort of athletic — or drunken — play as I passed on my snowboard, and wandering spectators cheered, which got me wondering what Australia Day is. Fun fact: Jan. 26 is the anniversary of the day the first fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain arrived in Australia, led by Capt. Arthur Phillip in 1788. Nearly 230 years later, their criminal lineage could be seen on Ajax with national flags poking out of helmets and hanging from necks as capes.

It was a good, fast day up there, much like every day for the past week. We really need snow. Even the 2 inches we got early last week made a big difference. It was just enough snow to keep you coming back for more, lap after lap, until you couldn’t put off work any longer.

That day it snowed, I went into D&E in search of an eighth screw for my bindings. The people working inside told me they were bored, that barely anyone had come in that morning. Before I knew it, three of them were working on my board with power drills. I felt like a NASCAR driver at a pit stop. They were true pros, and the binding hasn’t come loose for a week. Thanks, guys!

When I asked if they were going to make it up the hill, one of them told me no way, that Ajax is too hard-packed and boring at this point. Fair enough, I thought, but I’ll take 2 inches over this. We could really use two more.


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