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Hands-on experience on Lemonade Day pays off

Dear Editor:

I want to thank the Buddy Program and everyone who sponsored and supported Lemonade Day in Aspen. I would like to share that I watched my four boys gain valuable experience throughout this activity.

Between customers, we would talk about ideas and skills to enhance their business, such as:

• Professionalism – how to speak to a customer, making eye contact, showing respect and gratitude.

• Cleanliness – keeping hands and table and surrounding area clean, keeping tablecloths straight and items under the table hidden from the street view.

• Taking turns serving customers (not fighting over who got to do what).

• Polishing their “act,” as they performed the Maori “haka” and a couple of Fijian dances (which are a part of their ethnic background and hence the name of their lemonade stand, Fiji Lemonade).

We would role-play customer and sales clerk, and I took my turn being each so that they could see a difference in manners and language used.

They loved their experience, and they picked right up on the skills being taught.

Later, I thought back on college courses I had on entrepreneurship, and I felt that my boys learned more in that one day of hands-on, real-life challenges, solutions, skills and experiences than I had learned in a semester of sitting at a desk listening to theory!

Thank you so much!

Angel Niavalu


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