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Hamid to detail Iraq war

Find out what our troops are doing in Iraq and find out why it matters. See what the mainstream media will not show you! Urban Hamid, international photojournalist, returns from Iraq with never-before-seen video footage and photos of U.S. Fort Carson soldiers in action!

A former University of Colorado graduate student, Hamid is recently returned from Iraq. He is touring Colorado, showing never-before-seen video footage and photos of the U.S. war in Iraq.

Hamid, employed by Sweden’s largest newspaper, Aftonbladet, accompanied Colorado soldiers from Fort Carson on more than 15 military missions and spent several weeks during and after the war traveling around Iraq documenting its impacts.

Hamid was staying at the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad when it was shelled in April of last year. He recently accompanied U.S. soldiers on night raids for suspected Saddam Hussein sympathizers.

He will be discussing his dramatic first-hand experiences of the war and the aftermath. Most consumers of U.S. television networks will find his stories shockingly informative.

Hamid’s articles, photos and interviews have been published in the Boulder Weekly, the Colorado Daily, the Cairo Times, South China Morning Post, the Bangkok Post, Free Speech Radio News and in four major Swedish newspapers, including Aftonbladet, and on Swedish radio and TV stations. Hamid is author of the book, “51 Days in Baghdad,” published by Aftonbladet. A detailed personal biography of Swedish-lraqi Urban Jamal Hamid, as well as photos and articles, can be found at his Web site, http://www.urbanhamid.com.

Hamid will speak on Friday at 7 p.m. in Glenwood Springs High School library.

Calvin Lee

Roaring Fork Peace Coalition